Bike Parts

We produce bike parts like frame and fork, basket, axle, brake cables, to supply to our own bike orders and export to customers need them too.

Within over 23 years cultivation in bike area, we have very good and close parts partners to support us in both complete bikes and bike parts exports.

Some bike parts we can offer good quality with competitive costs, which are listed below to be some help to my customers.

Crank Sets

Used both on kid bikes and adult bikes, suit to some exercise bikes too.

Material : steel/ alloy.

Size: 76/89/102/114/127/136/140/152/155/165/170/175mm.

Model: one piece crank/ 3 pcs  cranks/ tri-gears cranks.

Accessory : B.B.Sets matching cranks available.

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Used for kids bike, adult bike, electric bike and excercise bikes.

Cover is highly elastic leathers, environmental friendly ink printing available.

Cushion uses good foam, soft and elastic, comfort for all terrains.

Base shell uses tough plastic shell, durable with various models.

Hardware is steel, usually 6.5T, colored.

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Middle and high level quality freewheels, not super high quality.

Steel, full balls, heated.

Speeds: 1s/ 6s/ 7s/ 8s/ 9s/ 11s/ 12s.

Teeth: 16T/18T/14-28T/ 13-28T/ 11 – 50T.

Sell some ATA and SHIMANO freewheels too. Authentic products guaranteed.

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Disc Brakes

Mechanical disc brake: thread model and clamp model.

Hydraulic disc brake.

Calipers alloy and rotors steel. 

Various models rotors available to match calipers.

Clipers front and rear, and rotors are packed separately in their own cartons.


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Front and rear derailleurs for bikes.

Shifters and levers 

Materials : alloy.

Original SHIMANO and SAIGUAN derailleurs available. 

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You can choose either of my models or send me your photos to get a quote.

Besides the above items, other parts i can help you sourcing too.

It does help you as long as quality and price are both OK, right?