Looking for unique Kid Tricycle models for your business?

Here is our latest kid tricycle model.

kid tricycle (3)

Fashionable and safe design!

Stable and super high quality!

Easily to assemble for all customers!

Profitable product for your business!

Discover all about it below.

Fashionable Design

We pay heavy cost to get a famous design office in China to make this brand new design for 2023.

The market proves its popularity with first half-year sales of more than 20000 PCS via our current channel.

Safe and Super Quality

100% original raw material, and 100% eco and human skin friendly guaranteed.

No outtruding screw slots and most joints are snap button design.

How it looks like in your shop?

These cute motor-tricycles could be a deceration to your shop themselves.

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Popular Packings

We can make 1 PCS/CTN,  2 PCS/CTN, 4 PCS/CTN, or even more.

The most popular one taken by most customers is 2 PCS/CTN.

Carton is small and can use the space to its fullest, protecting the tricycle in transportation better and saving more freights.

Easy Assembly

Every one can assemle it easily, simple and fast.

Besides, we have a detailed assembly manual too.

Customer Feedbacks

This tricycle quality is quite good! I can sit on it myself, lol! 

Never have any complaints about quality since i sold it.

Ken is a good man! 

He kindly helped me making a packing of 5 pcs/ctn. Freight lowered much and i can have bigger margin.

Cute design!
Kids love it and i believe it could be our best seller for this year!
Expecting more charming cycles, Ken!

Other Choices

We have another two popular classic models for you.


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