Boy Bike

Tips on a boy bike

Feature : Top tube is high as boys cross legs over the bike behind the saddle

Size : 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 24"

Material : steel, alloy, magnesium alloy

Kids above 2.5 years old can learn to pedal a bike with training wheels, which can help holding the balance as a beginner.

Slowly kids can replace the training wheels with a kickstand to pedal a real bike. Growing higher and higher, kids now can ride a 24″ bike around 15 years old, which was an adult bike before.

Popular Models

Prices differ directly based on the specifications, which could be adjusted according to your market and budget.

Averange prices for boy bike are from 16USD to 37USD.

How we control the quality

1. Specifications : confirm every parts details in words;

2. Sample : make a sample bike with exact same specifications we agreed;

3. Parts Inspection : all parts shall be inspected before they enter my warehouse;

4. Pre-production Sample : make another sample with existing parts and compare with the first sample;

5. "On-line" checking : QC check each step on welding, painting and assembly lines;

6. Radom Checking : take some by random after they are finished in warehouse for final inspections;

7. Third-Party Inspections : can coopetate if you need a third-party inspection conducted.

Main Pakcing Styles

We have 4 packing styles used most frequently

85% SKD

Fork, brake and brake cables, cranksets, mudguards, chaincover, freewheel, rear wheel assembled to frame;

Front wheel and handlebar with stem assembled and tied to frame;

Saddle with seat post and training wheel with stays assembled and other parts be put in the carton.

This is the most popular packing we take, suitable to distributors.

95% SKD

All parts assembled on the frame except pedals and training wheels.

Handlebar and saddle assembled and tied to the frame.

Pedal and training wheel sets if have are in a box.

Customers just take it out and make some simple adjustments to complete it.

This packing is mostly for retailers. Easy for final customers to complete the bike themselves.

45% CKD

Only wheels assembled;

Other parts put as they are in the carton.

Usually 2 sets, 3 sets or 4 sets in one carton or AB cartons.

This packing is suitable to customers with cheap labor resources.

Rest parts are relatively easier to assemble with the wheels assembled and adjusted.

100% CKD

All parts put into one carton separatedly.

Usually 3 sets or 4 sets in the same carton and colors can differ.

This packing can load most quantity per container.

Really lower the average cost if you have cheap technitians to assemble the bikes in your place.

packing style of 100% CKD

Delivery Details

1 to 2 days


based on whether u have a ready idea on what bikes you want

10 to 14 days


If need make new molds or have non-human controllable reasons, may take longer time

30 to 45 days


Each month we can produce around 30000 pcs 85% SKD bikes

4 days at least


Containers need 2 days to get loaded and back to the port, one extra day for custom clearance

Notes: Repeated orders take around 30 days as no pre-works needed. Monthly shipment is workable with yearly order plan.



We are DISNEY AUTHORIZED FACILITY. Conduct ISO and SMETA systems and passed CE/EN and CPSC quality tests.


TT and LC. Paying with RMB is warmly welcome.

Samples are free. If have special requirements on molds or delivery, the cost may on your part.

Yes. We have designers and our own sticker workshop.

About Us

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Hebei Wude Kids Toy Co.,ltd is your best OEM bike supplier from China.

We do OEM only. Prices based on the specifications you choose but quality will be best within your budget.

Bike industry started from Taiwan Province and slowly transfer to Shenzhen, then Xiaoshan and Kunshan, then Tianjin, and Hebei is the last station in China.

Some parts factory stay there but most OEM factories move with the industry. Some best technitians and managerial people join my factory to make us top 3 in Hebei area in bike qualities.

Bike industry keep moving to Hebei area. Get a mature partner here will enable you an advantageous state in future competitions.

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