Why should a child have a bicycle in 2022?

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    Personal experiences and significant moments that occurred throughout childhood can leave impressions on a person that remain with them throughout their entire lives.

    There is no way to get around the fact that your child’s growth and development are profoundly affected by the activities they participate in during their free time. Your kids will have a blast getting some fresh air and moving around outside when you introduce them to the joys of cycling at a young age. But riding a bike isn’t simply a fun activity; it’s also excellent for both your body and your mind.

    “Go digital” has become the dominant catchphrase in light of recent rapid technological breakthroughs. Despite the fact that digitalization comes with its own set of advantages, you may find that children are more interested in using electronic devices, playing video games, watching cartoons, and other activities of this like. Introducing their children to the surroundings of the real world can be difficult for parents. The number of people who play games outside is gradually decreasing. On the other hand, you may get your kids into cycling, which is not only an enjoyable activity but also one of the most effective ways to keep them active, healthy, happy, and refreshed.

    Cycling is jogging for the brain.

    Your children’s brains will benefit from engaging in active pursuits such as cycling and other sports. There is a very straightforward explanation for this phenomenon: as your child engages in physical activity, blood and nutrients that are rich in oxygen are pumped throughout their entire body, including their brain. Your child’s capacity to concentrate and think creatively will improve as a result of this.

    However, that’s not the end of it! The act of cycling functions similarly to mental fertilizer. Because of this, the creation of neurotrophins, also known as nerve proteins, is increased during physical exercise. These neurotrophins are then released into the brain as well as the muscles. These signaling molecules not only stop the death of brain cells that are already there, but they also encourage the development of new nerve cells and new connections between existing nerve cells. Because of this, nerve cells are able to communicate with one other more effectively, which results in improved brain function for your child.

    Why should a child have a bicycle
    Why should a child have a bicycle

    Cycling keeps you in shape.

    Televisions, mobile phones, and gaming consoles are substantial competitors for the activity of cycling; more crucially, though, these electronic devices hinder movement. It is well knowledge that youngsters can become overweight or obese as a result of overeating and a lack of enough physical activity. At our latitudes, overweight and obesity in children and adolescents are major public health concerns. Cycling is an efficient means of mitigating the effects of this issue. Your child’s metabolism will be revved up as a result of the movement, and they will expend more energy.

    Bike riding prevents disease.

    Cycling has been shown to lower the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Children who frequently ride bicycles exercise not only their legs but also exercise their hearts. This is significant since the heart muscle requires exercise in order to maintain its strength and good health over the course of a lifetime. Cycling keeps your blood pumping because of all the different movements that take place when you’re doing it. At the same time that it is able to pump more blood throughout the body with each beat, the heart is also able to slow its rate of beating. In addition, enhanced circulation helps clean up the blood vessels by, for example, reducing cholesterol levels and preventing the hardening of the blood vessel walls as a result of this process.

    Cycling reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Your child will be less likely to acquire diabetes at a younger age if they participate in physical activity since it brings down their blood sugar.

    Cycling toughens you up.

    Your child’s immune system will be significantly stronger if they ride their bike frequently as compared to the immune systems of youngsters who are less active. The reason for this is that as your child gets older, their body will get more active and create white blood cells and other components in their blood that are not only more but also stronger than before. When the immune system has been adequately strengthened, it is better able to fight off viruses, and your child will be less likely to be susceptible to respiratory illnesses.

    Why should a child have a bicycle
    Why should a child have a bicycle

    When they are outside, your child will take in a lot of light through their skin and eyes, which is another beneficial benefit that comes along with it. This causes an increase in the body’s production of vitamin D, which in turn helps to fortify the immune system and defend the bones against osteoporosis. In addition, the amount of light in a room has a direct impact on the hormonal balance and, thus, mood. The illuminance of the sun on a bright sunny day is 100,000 lux, but the illuminance of the lighting within a building is only about 400 lux. Even on cloudy days, you may still take in roughly 5,000 lux of light when you go outside. So hop on your bicycle and fill up your tank with light!

    Cycling promotes muscle growth.

    Your children are using a lot more muscles than simply the ones in their legs and feet when they push down on the pedals. For example, while they are steering or maintaining their balance, they are using these muscles. Just ten minutes of cycling is all it takes to ensure that nearly every muscle in your child’s body is receiving an adequate blood supply. This helps to develop the muscles in the legs, buttocks, and abdominal region, as well as the musculature in the shoulders and arms and the deeper back muscles that are found between the vertebrae. Because of this, riding a bike is the perfect activity for combating the widespread lack of exercise and for reducing the risk of developing back problems.

    Cycling protects the joints.

    Due to the fact that the bike carries the majority of the body’s weight, cycling is quite easy on the joints. In addition, the circular and gentle loading and unloading leads to a better supply of nutrients to the joints, which in turn results in the elimination of break-down products.

    Riding a bike makes you happy.

    This is the only thing that we are able to confirm, of course :-). Cycling has numerous excellent impacts, not only on the child’s physical health but also on their mental health, which makes it a great activity for them to participate in. When you ride a bike, you are sure to have firsthand knowledge of how intensively you take in your surroundings, including the ever-changing smells of nature, the passage of time, the feeling of a crisp breeze in your hair, or the warmth of the sun on your skin. Your child’s levels of pleasure hormones, the most well-known of which are adrenaline and endorphins, will grow as a result of physical exercise that takes place outside, preferably in rural settings. They improve the way your body feels while also giving you a sense of mental fulfillment and elevating your mood.

    Why should a child have a bicycle
    Why should a child have a bicycle

    Bicycle riding improves motor skills and sharpens the senses

    The development of a child’s motor skills, as well as their senses, is a crucial building block for the rest of their lives. Your child will learn to swiftly combine a variety of motor skills in a fun and engaging way while they cycle. These skills include a feeling of balance, steering, pedaling, looking around, orientation, and reaction time.

    Cycling has the additional effect of heightening perception. Children learn about the world around them through their senses, that is, by taking in information from their surroundings through the myriad of channels that make up their sensory apparatus and then processing that information in their brains. Your child will benefit from increased sensory perception in a wide variety of ways if they learn to cycle. To begin, having a strong sense of balance is absolutely necessary in order to ride a bicycle well under any circumstances. Your kid picks up important skills like attentive watching and listening on the walk to kindergarten, where they might learn to identify potential dangers like those on the road. Children learn about the different sights, smells, and colors of nature while they are out riding their bikes.

    Cycling is freedom

    Simply get up into the saddle, and head out into the open air! Your child will be able to go large distances at a young age if they have access to a bike, regardless of where you live. A kid’s trusty bicycle is a constant friend during the majority of the year. It doesn’t matter where they are—in the woods, through the park, or at the community pool—they ride their bikes everywhere. 

    Relieves Stress

    Cycling is a great activity for relieving stress. The average day at school is full of activity, leaving children feeling exhausted when they get home in the evening. They might find that going for a bike ride helps them regain their strength. After a long day of school, they find that going out on their own helps them remove the stress that they have been carrying and makes them happier. Following one of their bike rides, people frequently report feeling fewer worries and a greater sense of serenity.

    Why should a child have a bicycle
    Why should a child have a bicycle

    Keeps Them Active

    Children become sedentary and inactive as a result of their reduced activity levels and time spent participating in indoor virtual games utilizing electronic devices. This keeps them confined to the house. Some children may be more likely to develop obesity as a result of this. Cycling is one of the most effective activities for people who want to lose weight and stay active. The children may enjoy the fresh air and exercise outdoors while getting their legs worked out, which is beneficial to their overall fitness and helps them to maintain a healthy body.


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