Best Balance Bikes for Kids of All Ages

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    A balancing bike is a two-wheeled bicycle that does not have pedals. They are ridden by children in the same manner as traditional bicycles, except the propulsion comes from the child’s running legs rather than the pedals.

    Balance bikes are the ideal bicycles for children aged two years and older (and even younger), as they instruct children on how to maintain their balance while riding freely on two wheels. Balance bikes are sometimes called strider bikes, glider bikes, running bikes, or toddler push bikes.

    Are you looking for the ideal balancing bike for your young child, whether they are infants, preschoolers, or even older children? In order to assist you in finding the balance bike that is most suitable for your child, we have put more than one hundred of them through rigorous testing (this is not a joke; you ought to see our garages!).

    Best Balance Bikes by Age

    When shopping for a balancing bike, it is essential to keep in mind that the bikes do not come in a single standard size. A toddler or preschooler who wears size 3T pants will fit on a different balancing bike than a toddler or preschooler who wears size 18-month clothing and is just starting out. In addition, there are bigger balance bikes available for children who are in elementary school.


    1. You should measure your child’s inseam and then compare it to the seat height of the bike to ensure the best possible fit. Look for a bike that has a minimum seat height that is at least the same as your child’s inseam or a little bit lower than that.
    2. Air tires are superior to foam tires in every way. The majority of the tires used on balancing bikes are actually solid foam and not air-filled. Foam tires do not provide any cushioning and have a lower level of grip compared to air tires. The addition of air to your tires is a worthwhile adjustment to make if you intend to ride on terrain other than paved roads.
    3. Hand brakes are not obligatory. However, they are strongly encouraged to be used. Children quickly pick up the skill of using their feet to brake when riding a balance bike. They learn how to use a handbrake as they become older, which not only enables them to slow down more quickly but also saves them money on the cost of shoes. For larger kids who can ride faster and more aggressively on a balancing bike, a hand brake is much more important.

    Best Balance Bikes for Young Toddlers

    When they are two years old, toddlers are at the ideal age to begin their trip on a balancing bike. Your youngster will be able to learn how to ride independently from the very beginning if you start them off on a balancing bike at an early age. 

    Best Balance Bikes for Kids
    Best Balance Bikes for Kids of All Ages
    • WOOM 1

    Young or small toddlers who are starting an early start on their adventure on a balance bike will enjoy a ride that is pleasant and smooth thanks to the woom 1, which is perfect from top to bottom. The handlebars of the woom situate the rider in a natural, upright position with their weight concentrated over their hips, making the experience more comfortable for younger riders. This makes toddlers feel more confident in maintaining their balance.

    This, in conjunction with a lightweight and exceptionally low step-through frame, a low minimum seat height, extra-cushioned air tires, and an easy-to-use handbrake, makes it possible for the Woom 1 to effortlessly take your child from walking along the sidewalk to tearing down trails. The Woom 1 comes in a total of five different colors, which is definitely a plus!

    • Strider Classic and Strider Sport

    The Strider’s frame has been thoughtfully constructed, making it simply modifiable to accommodate users of a wide range of ages. Strider has proven to be the most successful brand for us when it comes to accommodating children of varying heights and sizes because of the bike’s adjustable seat post and handlebars. It is generally impossible to make a mistake when purchasing a Strider because it is a high-quality bike that is reasonably priced and can accommodate children of varying weights, heights, and sizes.

    The maximum seat height is the key defining characteristic of the Strider Classic in contrast to the Strider Sport. The Strider Classic features a seat height range of 11″ to 16″. The Strider Sport comes with a second seat post that is longer, which increases the seat range from 11 inches to 19 inches. Adding an extra seat post is more expensive but beneficial for older toddlers as they develop.

    • Prevelo Alpha Zero

    The Alpha Zero is the stuff of which the fantasies of every young grom (and, let’s be honest, also the dreams of their parents) are made. There are no flashy and cluttered visuals on this balancing bike, nor are there any actual bells and whistles; it is just manufactured to exact specifications.

    The Alpha Zero offers a ride that is both smooth and effortless, and it is certain to instill a passion for bicycling in your child at a young age thanks to its high-end components as well as its long wheelbase, which provides increased stability while jumping, climbing hills, or riding on trails.

    Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers – 2 to 3 years old

    These bikes are a little larger than our choices for the tiniest bikes, and they are meant to accommodate toddlers who wear pants that are at least 24 months old. Although young children won’t be able to operate the handbrake until they are approximately 2.5 years old, it will be of tremendous benefit to them as they get bigger and ride more quickly.

    • Yedoo Too Too

    The Too Too is an excellent purchase since it is not only available in a wide variety of incredibly cute colors and designs but also because it is nimble, lightweight, and compact. The Too Too comes with cushioned air tires, a real headset for better agility, a handbrake, and slanted tire valves that make pumping those small tires up much easier. Its pricing is in the middle of the range, but its features are not.

    • Swagtron K3

    A well-designed frame for the price, the Swagtron K3 has a longer wheelbase, making it more stable than other budget-balancing bikes. In addition to that, it weighs less than seven pounds, features air tires of excellent quality, a sleek aluminum frame with a matte finish, and a genuine headset. This is a fairly good resume for a balance bike that doesn’t cost that much.

    While the Swagtron K3 is a deal for budget-minded families, just keep in mind that while we believe the design is beautiful, this isn’t a bike that’s going to last you for decades.

    Best Balance Bikes for Kids
    Best Balance Bikes for Kids of All Ages

    Best Balance Bikes for Preschoolers – 3 to 4 years Old

    You should search for a balancing bike that has a larger wheelbase if the rider is going to start their adventure on a balance bike a little bit later. This will offer them more area to stretch out on the bike. Because larger children are capable of reaching much faster speeds, a handbrake is also strongly advised at this age.

    • WOOM 1 Plus

    The WOOM 1 Plus, a larger version of one of our most beloved balance bikes, offers all of the advantages of the widely used WOOM 1 but is designed for children between the ages of three and five. It is the ideal bike for children who are hesitant about beginning their voyage on a balancing bike when they are preschoolers rather than toddlers.

    The WOOM 1 Plus is the ultimate confidence-building, larger balance bike. It features a comfortable, upright body positioning, large 14-inch air tires, a removable “surfboard” footrest, and turning limiter, DUAL hand brakes (a feature that is uncommon to see in balance bikes), and a turning limiter.

    • Banana Bike GT

    Because of its more affordable price point, the Banana Bike GT does not come equipped with two important characteristics that older riders require, namely larger 14-inch wheels and a handbrake. Having said that, for the price of $69, this tiny bike is truly hard to beat.

    It does have a longer wheelbase to ensure that growing children will not feel confined, and its seat post offers a seat height adjustment of 4.5 inches, making it suitable for a variety of riders. There is a lot of opportunity for improvement here! The Banana Bike GT is a good choice to consider if you are shopping for an inexpensive bike or if you anticipate that your child will only use a balance bike for a limited amount of time.

    • Ridgeback Scoot

    The Ridgeback Scoot is a balancing bike of exceptional quality that comes equipped with all of the enhanced components that a customer could wish for, including air tires, a handbrake, a fast-release seat post, and a kid-shaped saddle. Although it is not inexpensive, the quality of its durability makes it a good investment and allows it to be readily passed on to other siblings.

    Because it is a bit heavier than the other options on our list, the Scoot is not the best choice for children who are very afraid or small in stature. On the other hand, it is an incredible bike for children who are sporty, self-assured, or enthusiastic.

    Best Balance Bikes for PreK – 4 to 6 years

    Is it too late for a child of four years old to ride a balancing bike? No way! Is the age of six too old for a child to ride a balance bike? Also, no way! Riding a balance bike is a lot of fun and offers a far more satisfying experience than riding a pedal bike with training wheels.

    Best Balance Bikes for Kids
    Best Balance Bikes for Kids of All Ages
    • Ridgeback Scoot XL

    The Ridgeback Scoot’s older and more robust sibling is known as the Ridgeback Scoot XL. The only real difference between these two bicycles is that one is somewhat larger than the other. The Scoot XL’s larger and taller frame is better able to accommodate children who are on the taller side. For children who need to ride the Scoot XL until they are 6 or 7 years old, the fact that the handlebar height may be adjusted is an additional benefit.

    • Strider 14x

    A larger balancing bike that can be converted into a pedal bike, the Strider 14x has been rather popular in recent years. Once a youngster has learned to balance while riding in balance bike mode, there is no need for training wheels; they can just put on the pedals, and within a couple of minutes, they will be able to start pedaling away on their own. 

    According to the results of our tests, the pedal bike mode of the Strider 14x is only a very temporary solution, and a youngster will very quickly outgrow it and require a real 16-inch pedal cycle. As a consequence of this, we do not recommend the optional pedal kit, but the Strider 14x is a good choice for those looking for a larger balancing bike.

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