How to choose the best bicycle models as a wholesaler?

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    Are you anxious about how to choose the right bicycle model to distribute or resell?

    There are many categories of bicycles, like kid bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, or heavy-duty bikes, each with many different models, sizes, colors, and specifications, of which you should pay most attention to the model selections.

    Here are several aspects that should be considered to select the best bike models to resell.

    Historical sales data.

    This is mainly for experienced practitioners. Each merchant has his own database of the best-selling models and their details each year, and this information can be used as a basis for selecting a model for the new year.

    Set 60% of your total quantity following last year’s best-seller models and the rest try new models, you can grow stably with very low risks.

    Local research

    Keep an eye on the bicycles around you and you’ll find that most of them are one of a limited number of models.

    Go to your local bicycle shop and find the models that sell the most in the shop and make a note of them. Go through all the big shops in your target market and compare their best-selling models together to find the same ones.

    These will undoubtedly be the local bestsellers.

    Classic models.

    Some bikes stay the same, but they keep selling. Since I entered the bicycle business in 2011, different countries have had their own classic bestsellers that have remained the same year after year.

    Global classic models

    Some models sell very well all around the world.

    All you need to do is to adjust the colors and specifications to suit your market, and it won’t waste you any energy to doubt the frame models.

    Russian classic model

    Russian people like most the U frame with coaster brake and CP parts.

    Iran classic model

    A strong K frame with a front basket, rear toolbox, and backrest sell very well in the Iran market.

    Mexico classic model

    The beach cruiser model leads the leisure life of mexicans.

    European classic model

    This is a worldwide hot-seller too.

    European people have a good taste in quality, most of which are simple and strong.

    Pakistan classic model

    It’s the strongest frame model around the world!

    Usually consist of a double K frame with a fake suspension fork and thick stick rear carrier.

    Africa classic model

    In Africa, bikes are not only transportation vehicles but also production tools.

    The unisex frame becomes more and more popular as it suits men and women at the same time and is easier to operate in big quantities.

    The carrier and hubs must be very strong to carry heavy goods.

    These are only some typical models I have produced before. Just pay extra notice around you and every market must have its classic models.

    Classic models are safe and ensured, but not in a big chance to make you a big pop-up model.

    Online research

    Search the websites of the industry giants and find out what they are promoting.

    The giants of the industry are all different and have their own priorities. Those that they have chosen will undoubtedly be a relatively safe bet that at least you won’t be left holding the bag.

    If you check online shops like Amazon, you can see their sales volume too.

    Design your own marketing to create a pop-up.

    If you have a lot of experience in the industry, proven technology, sufficient funds, and a good staff team, you can design your own bikes and market them through social media platforms such as TikTok and Facebook, online shops such as Amazon Shopify, and offline shops to make them the new bestsellers.

    The model in the photo is a new one made by one of the Chinese factories. They conducted a plan of live-show selling and sales exceeds 200 piece bikes each day after half a month from the beginning which keeps lifting.

    Some tips:

    1. Don’t infringe! You need to be careful when representing patented products on existing models.

    2. You can refer to other people’s styles to enhance your own bike models, but do not copy them.

    3. You can take the best-selling models on the market as your reference, but color matching should be according to the preferences of consumers in Your own market.

    4. The most suitable model does not necessarily have to be made of the highest quality, and the one that suits your own market is the best.

    After choosing your own model, you need a good OEM factory to realize your ideas and designs perfectly.

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