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    You want to choose a bicycle that is simple enough for your child (or grandchild) to learn how to pedal on, long-lasting enough to be passed down to future generations, and nimble enough to make riding a bicycle enjoyable.

    There are a lot of bikes out there that are terrible and heavy; the good news is that more and more firms who specialize in making bikes for children are entering the market and developing some pretty fantastic bikes.

    I’ve put together a selection of the very best bicycles for your three- to four-year-old, including both 12-inch and 14-inch models.

    The majority of these bicycles have been evaluated and assessed by our team, while others on this list have not been evaluated by our team but are so widely regarded as excellent investments that I have chosen to include them.

    Absolute Best Bike 

    We are about to provide you with a list of all of the wonderful bicycles that are now available, but how can you determine which one is the ideal bicycle for your child? After giving these aspects some thought, you can make your decision with the assistance of the comparison chart located at the bottom of this piece.

    Understand What Size Bike They Need

    Each child is distinct. For example, the difference in height between my kid and his cousin, who is only a few months apart in age, is almost exactly six inches. Because of this, getting your child’s measurements taken before purchasing a bike is of the utmost importance. What might fit one youngster at the age of three might not fit another until the age of four.

    Read through our Kids Bike Size Guide for information on how to properly measure your child and choose the appropriate size bike.

    I would suggest that your child’s inseam be at least as long as the minimum seat height if you want them to be as comfortable and stable as possible.

    Although theoretically, their inseam can be somewhat lower than the minimal seat height (it will fit on their tippy toes), it is better for youngsters this age who are just beginning to learn how to ride if they can place both feet flat on the ground.

    Weight is the Single Most Important Factor

    After ensuring a bike is the proper size, the next most crucial thing to consider is the weight. When choosing between two bicycles, I usually always go for the one that is the least heavy.

    It makes a significant impact on both the child’s level of enjoyment and the amount of time they are able to stay on the ride. Try to choose a bicycle that weighs no more than 30 percent of your child’s body weight (this will be difficult, I know).

    Bigger Wheels are Better 

    The fact that these 12-inch bikes (the Cleary Gecko and the Specialized Hotrock) are suitable for riders of a very early age is a benefit offered by this list (as young as 2.5 years old). If your child has been riding a balancing bike since a very young age and is ready to make the transition to a pedal cycle sooner than most children, then you should absolutely get them a 12-inch bike.

    On the other hand, if your child is over the age of 3.5, I would suggest going for a bike that has wheels that are 14 inches in diameter rather than 12 inches. Why?

    Because of the larger wheel size, rolling over obstacles, such as cracks in the pavement, pebbles, and bumps at the bike park, etc., is a lot simpler. When compared to his performance on a 12-inch bike, my son’s progress is much more noticeable when he rides a bike with a 14-inch wheel.

    How much are toddler bikes
    How much are toddler bikes

    You Get What You Pay For

    Unfortunately, much like the majority of other things in life, the quality of a bike will increase in direct proportion to the amount of money spent on it. If you buy a less expensive bike from a big box store, you may expect it to be cumbersome and to have a short lifespan.

    If you invest in a high-quality bicycle, such as one of those on our Top 5 list, it will be able to serve your family through multiple generations of children. Because of this, it is a smart purchase to make if you have younger children because it may be handed down to them or sold on Craigslist.

    Consider Geometry

    The design of many bicycles for children is subpar. The bicycles that can be seen on our list of the best bikes for children below have all been meticulously crafted to have a stable geometry that is suited to children.

    When compared to the majority of children’s bicycles, this indicates that they have a longer wheelbase, a narrower Q-factor (which refers to the distance between the pedals), and a lower center of gravity. 

    When it comes to bike geometry, there is one more factor to take into consideration, and that is the aggressiveness of the child’s stance on the bike. We recommend a bike with a relaxed and upright geometry for the majority of young children who are just starting out riding. This not only inspires confidence but also makes handling easier.

    However, there may be those children who are naturally athletic and comfortable riding a bicycle from an early age. If that describes your kid, you might want to look into purchasing a bike with a more aggressive frame geometry.

    Last but not least, you need to make sure that you pay attention to the stand-over height as well as the minimum Seatpost height. Bicycles with a wheel diameter of 14 inches come in a variety of sizes.

    The stand-over height and minimum Seatpost height should be adjusted such that the smallest youngster possible may ride the bicycle. Pick out a bicycle that has a bit of wiggle room for your kid so that he or she can continue to grow into it.

    Say No to Coaster Brakes

    Teaching children how to use hand brakes instead of coaster brakes is an idea whose time has come, in my opinion. I’ve reached the point where I won’t even put my son on a bike with a coaster brake, let alone teach another child how to ride a bike with one. Nor would I teach another child how to ride a bike with one.

    Why? Backpedaling is something that comes effortlessly to children who are just learning how to pedal a bicycle. The application of the back pedal in a coaster brake results in an immediate halt. Children of this age will experience a great deal of frustration as a result. (There are other reasons to skip a coaster brake, but the weight is by far the most important of these considerations.)

    The fact that manufacturers in the United States are required by law to install a coaster brake on all bicycles that have wheels that are 20 inches or less in diameter is a challenge. This is not anything that exists in any other part of the planet.

    The good news is that the regulation only applies to bike manufacturers, which means that parents are free to customize their children’s bikes as they see fit. After-market modification kits are available from several manufacturers (including those that offer some of our favorite bikes, which are listed below), and these kits make it possible for you to install a wheel equipped with a freehub onto your child’s bicycle. This is a simple task to complete.

    How much are toddler bikes
    How much are toddler bikes

    Brake Levers Should Be Easy to Pull

    If you decide against purchasing a bicycle equipped with a coaster brake, you will need to ensure that the handbrakes are simple to draw and work. This is of the utmost significance for young children who are just starting off with riding.

    The colour-coded brake levers on the Woom 2 (which are ranked first in our list below) are our top pick for best brake levers. They are simple to operate and are ideally suited for use by those with smaller hands. Children are aided in their understanding of the difference between their right (back) and left (front) brakes by the use of color labeling.

    Skip the Training Wheels

    Training wheels? Just don’t do it!

    Begin with a balancing bike if your child has not yet mastered riding a pedal bike, and then go on to pedal bikes when they are ready. (You may even take the pedals off of a bike that normally has pedals and have your child use it as if it were a balancing bike.)

    Frame Material is a Personal Choice

    This is a decision that is mainly dependent on the individual since some people have a strong affinity for steel while others like aluminum. Personally, I don’t think so. Aluminum is the material with the lower weight, and we all know how crucial it is to save weight on children’s bicycles, but steel is extremely long-lasting (and classic).

    5 Best 12 Inch and 14-Inch Bicycles

    BikeWhat Makes It SpecialPrice
    1Woom 2*Lightweight, upright geometry$359
    2Cleary Gecko*Small in size, great for tiny riders$380
    3Prevelo Alpha One *Easy-to-ride geometry, customer service$369
    4Pello Romper*Brand-name components, beefy tires$359
    5Frog 40*Small size, colorful designs$430
    Bonus!Early Rider Belter 14Belt drive$459


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