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    A bicycle is not merely a plaything. There is a wide variety of bicycles available to meet the needs of a wide range of riders and applications. Over a thousand individual components make up even the most fundamental, unadorned, geared bicycle. In addition to the frame and forks, our bicycle is constructed with components such as the stem, handlebars, wheels, tires, inner tubes, rim tapes, brake levers, shifters, grips, cables, headset, bottom bracket, chainset, cranks, pedals, sprockets, derailleurs (front and rear), chain, brake arms and springs, brake pads, saddle, seat post (and clamp), and a variety of other components. Some of these elements are, in turn, constructed from a great number of additional, more minute components, and this is only for the most fundamental bike.

    Cheap Bikes

    There are many situations in life in which it makes sense to purchase the item with the lowest price tag in order to accommodate a youngster. For instance, the amount of sugar and fat that are packed into chocolate buttons is probably the same regardless of how much money you spend on them; the rate at which school pants fall apart is the same regardless of whether they come from Primark or John Lewis.


    When you are an adult, you won’t give much attention to picking up a child’s bicycle. Hauling that 10 kg of weight when you’re a child is analogous to moving a refrigerator.

    Imagine that you are a child of 7 years old who weighs 22 kilograms. A 20-inch bike purchased from a supermarket or discount sports shop will typically weigh somewhere around 13 kilograms (kg). That’s more than half of their total body mass! That would be the equivalent of Chris Hoy, who weighs approximately 92 kilograms (14 stone), riding a bike that weighs more than 46 kg.

    Better quality kids’ bikes are lighter. Because of the use of higher-quality, lighter components, such as aluminum alloy, as opposed to steel, they are significantly more lightweight. For instance, the Frog 52 (which is also available in a 20-inch model) clocks in at around 7.76 kilograms (kg). That’s just about a third of the total weight of the budget bike from the store.

    The weight of the bike shouldn’t make all that much of a difference. After all, there’s a good chance that you’ll be there to help me load it into the car or take it out of the storage shed. Lighter bicycles, on the other hand, are less difficult to steer and handle, making them simpler to ride and more enjoyable overall.


    In the same line as the last example, the brake levers on your child’s bike may appear soft when you squeeze them with your enormous man or woman hands. Now give it a try using the hands of a child.

    When you’re seven years old and hurtling down a hill, you naturally want to ensure that.

    Kid Bikes For Cheap
    Kid Bikes For Cheap


    The Irish comedian Dylan Moran posed the question, “What are children anyway?” “Midget drunks. They give you a knee in the face and start babbling incoherently when they see you in the morning. In the world of cycling, this translates to losing your balance frequently, hurling your bike across the playground, and offering your clumsy and overweight friend a gummy bear in exchange for a test ride on your bicycle.

    Children enjoy destroying stuff, even if it’s one of their most prized items.

    In addition, kids’ bikes will require a great deal of tweaking during the course of their development. You’ll discover that the bearings utilized in these adjustments wear out quickly and don’t last very long on a cheap bike designed for children. If you intend to hand down the bicycle to younger siblings, you run the risk of falling victim to the age-old proverb that advises people to “buy cheap, buy twice.”

    They are Poorly Designed

    The geometry of a kid’s bike, in addition to its weight, can have a significant impact on how simple it is to ride and how easy it is to handle the bike. Numerous manufacturers of high-quality bicycles for children have put a significant amount of effort and resources into the development of their products.

    These high-end motorcycles typically feature a longer wheelbase, which refers to the distance between the front and rear wheels and results in better stability and an easier time maintaining balance. You’ll also discover that their Q-factors (the distance between the pedals) are closer together, which makes cycling simpler and more productive than it is with cheaper bicycles. One last factor to consider is the geometry of the handlebars, which can have a significant impact. Poorly built children’s bicycles typically have high-rise BMX-style handlebars to compensate for the small wheelbase. However, these handlebars actually impair the rider’s level of control and result in a “twitchy” ride for the child.

    In addition, a better-designed children’s bicycle will have a lower bottom bracket, a lower minimum Seatpost height, and shorter cranks. These design elements are all intended to make the bicycle more suitable for younger riders.

    We have put a large number of bicycles through rigorous testing over the years and have interacted with a sufficient number of children and their parents to have direct experience with the impact that geometry may have. A bike with a thoughtful design can make it less difficult to learn to ride, easier to cover more ground and more quickly, and less likely to result in dissatisfaction.

    They’ll Fall Apart Before They Can be Handed Down to The Next Kid

    The aluminum frames of cheap bicycles are of a poorer grade, which means they are more prone to bending and cracking. They also contain bearings that aren’t sealed, which means they rust, and cheaper components, which fail more quickly. Even though they may function properly for a certain amount of time, sooner or later, they are going to start coming apart. Because of this, they are not a good investment because they won’t be able to be passed down through as many generations of offspring.

    Even though they are initially more expensive, higher-end children’s bicycles can be passed down to two children, three children, or even four children. It also indicates that you can locate one of these old bicycles and be confident in the fact that it has a good deal of life left in it still.

    How to Find Kid Bikes For Cheap

    Raise Your Budget

    I am aware that purchasing a high-end kids’ bike may not be a top financial goal (or even a possibility) for some people. Spending a little bit extra money on a bicycle for a child will result in a much nicer finished product. This is true of many other aspects of life as well. Not only does purchasing a nicer bicycle result in a product that is more pleasurable for your child, but it also results in the purchase of a bicycle that will have a longer lifespan and a higher resale value once your child has outgrown it.


    The majority of children’s bicycles come equipped with just one gear since parents don’t want to make the activity more complicated than it needs to be. However, as the rider develops more expertise and experience, other speed options become accessible.

    Children should have no trouble turning the pedals over when riding a bicycle with a single-speed gear because this type of gear often provides an easy pedaling ratio. If there is only one gear available, the ratio will most likely be increased as the size of the bike increases.

    When a bicycle has the capability of shifting between various gears, there is often a single cog on the front and a large number of cogs on the back, with the shifting mechanism for those gears located on the handlebar. To begin, children often have access to seven or eight gears, but some 20-inch bikes can have as many as twenty-one or even twenty-four gears, with three cogs on the front and seven or eight cogs on the rear.

    WudeBike (Kid Bikes For Cheap)

    Check out our selection of bikes now that you have a better knowledge that inexpensive bikes are not the right choice for children. The following is the process that ensures that each of our bicycles is of the greatest possible quality:

    • Specifications: reiterating each part’s particulars in written form;

    • Make a model of the bike according to the agreed-upon specs so that we may evaluate it;

    • Inspection of Parts: Prior to entering my warehouse, each and every part is required to be inspected;

    • Sample for pre-production: produce a second sample using the components that are already available, and compare it to the first sample;

    • “On-line” checking: quality control inspection of each step on assembly, painting, and welding production lines

    • Random Checking: After they have been completed at the warehouse, a sample should be selected at random for the final inspections.

    • Cooperate with Third-Party Inspections: if you require a third-party inspection to be carried out, we are able to do so.

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