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    So your youngster needs a new bike. But now you’re wondering… what kind of bike would be appropriate for my kid? Wheel diameter is the standard by which children’s bicycles are measured and categorized by their makers, but it is NOT the only factor! This is not even the most significant consideration!

    Even bikes with wheels of the same diameter might have very different overall dimensions.

    As a consequence of this, your youngster might be able to ride a bike with a 16-inch frame from one brand but a 20-inch frame from another.

    There are also brands of bicycles that produce models with tiny and large wheels but the same overall diameter.

    Additionally, the age of a child is often not a reliable prediction of the child’s size. A child who is five years old might be able to ride a bike with a 16-inch seat, whereas a child who is four might be able to ride a bike with a 20-inch seat. Therefore, what is the most accurate method for determining the size of a bike for a child? Finding the right size bike for your kid won’t be difficult or time-consuming if you use our helpful hints and tips.

    Kids Bike Sizes Chart

    When buying a bike for a child, it is important to take into account not only their height but also their inseam in order to get the bike that is the most comfortable for them.

    Wheel SizeAgeInseamHeight
    12″2 – 3 years15″ – 18″36 – 39″
    14″2 – 4 years15″ – 20″37 – 44″
    16″4 – 6 years16″ – 22″41 – 48″
    20″5 – 8 years19″ – 25″45 – 54″
    24″8 – 11 years23″ – 28″49″ – 59″
    26″10 + years25″ +56″ +

    Steps to Finding the Right Size

    The best and most precise method for ensuring that your child’s bike is a great fit is to use the inseam measurement in relation to the seat height of the bike. The seat height of a bike is largely determined by the combination of the size of the frame and the wheels.

    If you choose a bike for your child based on the height of the seat rather than the age of the child, the size of the wheel, or the size of the frame, you can assure that the bike will be a good fit for them even if they have never had the opportunity to try out the bike before you buy it. Not only does this make it much easier to ride, but all the experts believe that having a bike that is properly fitted to you is essential for your safety as well.

    what size kid's bike for height

    The search for a bike for your child that is the right size may be broken down into four straightforward steps, which are provided below.

    (1) Measure Your Child’s Inseam

    While the majority of bicycle manufacturers determine the size of their bikes based on the age or height of your child, we always recommend utilizing the inseam instead. It is a great deal more accurate!

    • Tell your youngster to put their shoes on and stand with their backs against a wall with their feet slightly apart.
    • Put a book with a hard cover in between their legs with the spine facing their crotch.
    • Raise the book till the top of the spine firmly strikes them in the crotch area.
    • The inseam is the distance that is measured from the floor all the way up to the spine of the book when the book is placed flat on the floor.

    Narrow Down Wheel Size Based on Inseam

    Determine which of one or two categories your child’s bike wheel size falls into by using their inseam measurement. In most cases, it is best to get a bike with larger wheel dimensions for your child as long as the child’s inseam is suitable for the bike. Wheels with a larger diameter provide greater stability and leave more room for expansion.

    For instance, the inseam measurement of our five-year-old child, which is illustrated above, is 19.5 inches. According to the chart of bike sizes that may be found below, she would be able to ride on THREE different size bikes. On the other hand, the larger wheels available in the 16″ and 20″ sizes will serve her much better as she continues to develop. The subsequent step will provide assistance in determining which of these two sizes is preferable.

    (3) Perfect Seat Height

    Now that you know which size(s) of the bike is most likely going to work best for your child, it is important to take into consideration your child’s riding abilities. Why? The inseam of the child should be compared to the seat height of the bike to determine whether or not the bike will fit the youngster properly. However, the seat height of a bicycle needs to be adjusted differently depending on whether your youngster is just starting out, already has some experience, or is using training wheels.

    The seat height is the vertical distance from the floor to the top of the seat. Knowing this measurement will help you limit your choices even further and ensure a comfortable fit from the very first time you use the product.

    Beginning Riders (1st Bike After a Balance Bike or Training Wheels)

    A rider who is just starting out (even those who have graduated from balancing bikes) should be able to sit on the bike’s seat with their feet planted firmly on the ground. At this point in their development, it is quite necessary for a youngster to be able to effortlessly stop their bike by utilizing their feet. As a consequence of this, the seat height on their bicycle ought to be adjusted so that it is the same as their child’s inseam.

    what size kid's bike for height

    Our five-year-old tester can be seen in the photograph above riding a bicycle with a seat height of 19.5 inches, which corresponds to her inseam measurement. If she were just starting out, this bike would be the ideal choice for her because of its manageable size.

    Experienced Riders – 2nd Pedal Bike (and Beyond!)

    If a rider is an expert and knows how to start and stop a bike with ease, as well as how to use either a hand brake or a foot brake, they should be able to sit on the saddle of the bike and have their tip toes touch the ground. This indicates that the rider is in a comfortable position. This indicates that the seat should be positioned two to four inches ABOVE the child’s inseam when it is being used. By raising the seat, you are able to extend your legs in the correct manner when pedaling, which increases the effectiveness of each pedal stroke.

    This 20-inch bike with a seat height of 22.5 inches, which is three inches higher than her inseam, would be the ideal choice for our rider tester, who was five years old and an accomplished rider.

    Beginner Bike with Training Wheels

    Both flat feet and tiptoes can be used when learning to ride a bike with training wheels; the method you choose will depend on how confident your youngster is. Simply adjust the seat so that it is in a position that is most comfortable for the youngster, given that they do not have to worry as much about losing their balance on the bike or falling off of it.

    In most cases, this means that the height of the seat should be adjusted to be between 0 and 3 inches above the child’s inseam. Setting the seat lower so that the child may touch the floor with their feet flat is frequently recommended for children who are shy.

    Setting the seat higher allows for greater pedal efficiency, which in turn enables more aggressive riders to ride at a faster pace. However, one must be careful not to set the seat too high, as many young children who are still using training wheels have the natural tendency to stop the bike with their feet.

    Balance Bike

    A child’s seat on a balancing bike should be positioned anywhere from one-half an inch to one-and-a-half inches below the child’s inseam.

    what size kid's bike for height

    A child’s knees ought to be bent ever-so-slightly while they are seated on a balancing bike with their feet planted firmly on the ground (in an athletic stance). They are able to run more effectively on the bike thanks to the modest knee bend.

    (4) Buy for Current Fit and Growth

    You are now in a position to start looking for a bike for your child, given that you are aware of the ideal seat height for their bicycle. Find a bicycle that has a minimum seat height that is as close to (but does not go beyond) the seat height that you established in step 3, if at all possible. This is the ideal situation.


    Check out the variety of bicycles we have available now that you have a better understanding of why low-cost bicycles are not the option that should be chosen for children. The following is the procedure that we go through in order to make certain that each of our bicycles is of the highest possible quality:

    • Construct a scale model of the bicycle according to the parameters that have been settled upon so that we may examine it;
    • Parts are subjected to an inspection before being allowed into my storage facility, and this inspection is necessary for each and every part.
    • Checking that is done “online”: Control and inspection of quality at each stage of production on the assembly, painting, and welding lines.
    • Cooperate with Third-Party Inspections: We are able to carry out a third-party inspection at your request. Please let us know what kind of inspection you need.

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