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    It’s not always the bikes and brands you’d expect to be the greatest for children to ride that are available on the market. Over the past decade, we have conducted tests on and written reviews for over 200 children’s bicycles.

    During that time, we watched the development of the market for kids’ bicycles as well as the eruption of new bike brands that are designed specifically for children. These brands of lightweight children’s bicycles circumvent the need to purchase the product from a local bike shop or sporting goods retailer and instead ship the bicycles for children directly to the end user.

    But what is it about our top picks in children’s bicycles that makes them so awesome?

    And why are they so much superior to bicycles manufactured by well-known brands such as Huffy, Royal infant, or Kent? These companies claim to have “re-invented” the wheel, but is this merely a clever marketing gimmick on their part?

    This post will walk you through the best-selling children’s bicycle manufacturers as well as go into specifics of what makes their children’s bicycles so amazing.

    The Best Kids Bikes and Brands

    There are a number of different brands of children’s bicycles that are frequently featured on lists of the best children’s bicycles. These manufacturers all got their start with the idea of making a fantastic kids’ bike to enhance the riding experience of children. Each bike from these companies is built with careful attention to detail.

    Each manufacturer has done an incredible job at designing and constructing what they consider to be the “ideal bike” for a certain sort of child rider. These riders can range from hesitant beginners to fearless daredevils. After riding each of these brands of bicycles ourselves, we can confidently say that each of these manufacturers deserves to be ranked among the “best bike” manufacturers.

    BrandStandout FeatureMSRP
    Best on a Budget
    Btwin Kids BikesGreat quality for the low price$109
    Guardian EthosThe unique braking system, fun designs$289
    Park CyclesWell-built, mildly aggressive$235
    Polygon BikesLight, great multi-purpose bikes$319
    Best for Everyday Riders
    woomDesigned for effortless riding$359
    Guardian AirosThe unique braking system, top quality build$389
    Priority BicyclesEasy to use and maintain$389
    Best for Aggressive Riders
    PreveloCream of the crop multi-use bikes$369
    ClearyRugged and durable bikes$330
    PelloConfidence building all-terrain bikes$359
    Frog BikesLots of bright color options$430

    What about Trek and Specialized kid’s bikes?

    Kids’ bicycles sold by Trek, Specialized, and Giant, along with the other fantastic brands that can be purchased at your neighborhood bike store, are of high quality, but they are not the best available. These firms have never placed a primary emphasis on producing bicycles for children because their primary goal has always been to produce high-quality bicycles for adults suitable for a wide variety of cycling activities.

    How much is kid's bicycle in USA

    As a consequence of this, their bicycles are typically heavier, and in comparison to the kid-specific brands, they do not provide the same level of quality or performance for the same price. Don’t get us wrong—we wholeheartedly support our community’s independent bike stores and think they’re vital to the well-being of our neighborhoods. However, in order for these firms to remain competitive in the market for children’s bicycles, they will need to step up their game and construct children’s bicycles that are both lightweight and equipped with superior components.

    Price vs. Quality in Kids Bikes

    A little comment on the price and the quality of the bikes. Bikes that are of high quality, are made properly, and are simple to ride can be quite expensive. The experience that the child has while riding a mass-marketed kids’ bike brand, such as Huffy, RoyalBaby, or Dynacraft (available at big-box stores or online), is NOT the final aim of the product’s construction; rather, the low price tag is the end goal.

    When it comes to bikes sold in big-box stores, pricing takes precedence over performance.

    Our top kid’s bike brands are meant to be the finest. 

    We strongly encourage folks who are looking for a great bike on a budget to begin their search by looking for a decent secondhand bike in their immediate area.

    Quality bicycles, as opposed to those purchased from discount department stores or other types of big-box retailers, are capable of being fixed and updated with new parts, making them appear to be brand new. Because of their modest weight, their frames are an excellent starting point for anyone interested in building their own customized bicycle.

    Industry Leading Kids Bike Brands

    These manufacturers produce some of the very best children’s bicycles now available on the market. We have witnessed several children struggle while riding a low-quality bike purchased from a big-box retailer, but after they switched to a lightweight high-end bike, they were able to ride away like pros. Keep in mind that all of these brands sell directly to customers and that you may make purchases from their own websites by following the links provided below.

    1. Btwin Bikes

    Btwin is the in-house brand for Decathlon sports stores; its children’s bicycles aren’t as polished as some of our other top picks, but they are the most cost-effective option.

    We’ve discovered that Btwin kid’s bikes are very easy to ride, in addition to being lightweight enough and rather sturdy. This is all thanks to frame designs and components that are a significant upgrade from those found on bikes sold at Walmart. The Btwin kid’s bikes are the same size as some of our other favorites like woom and Priority, in contrast to other “cheap” kids’ bikes that are unnecessarily large and cumbersome for the users they are made for. This is the case with other “cheap” kids’ bikes.

    The Stop Easy brake lever that comes standard on Btwin bikes is a truly great feature. It was designed to fit more naturally in the hands of children, and it is also simpler to pull than the alternative brake levers that are sold at this price point.

    How much is kid's bicycle in USA
    1. Guardian Ethos

    Guardian’s Ethos series, which also features the company’s proprietary SureStop braking technology, is a little easier on the wallet than Guardian’s other lines. Which comes out on top in the end? A steel frame, as opposed to an aluminum frame, causes the bicycle to have an increased total weight. Having said that, the Ethos series of bikes is still a significant amount lighter than any bike you could buy at a big-box store.

    1. Park Cycles

    Park Cycles is the newest kid-centric bike manufacturer to hit the market, and the company’s goal is to provide high-end, kid-friendly bike geometry at a price range that is more reasonable.

    In order to keep prices low, Park Cycles use simpler parts; yet, despite their simplicity, these parts are still kid-friendly and are of a considerably higher quality than those found on a Royalbaby or Huffy. Park Cycles is an excellent choice for families that are on a tight financial budget but are serious about ensuring that their young rider gets off to a good start in their cycling career.

    Kids who are going to be trail riding or future mountain bikers will find the knobbier tread tires on Park Cycles to be an excellent choice for their bikes.

    1. Polygon Premier Ultralight

    Polygon Premier kids bikes offer kid-friendly geometry and solid-quality components at a seriously affordable price point, making them suitable for riders of any skill level, whether they want to ride on paved or dirt trails. Polygon is able to make bikes at lower costs, and they are able to pass those savings on to the customer as a result of its ownership of its own factories.

    In general, these bicycles have a wide range of applications and are simple to ride for practically any child, regardless of their existing degree of expertise. The fact that they come with a derailleur hanger and cage, which shields the bike’s most delicate component from the risk of being damaged, is something that we particularly value.

    1. woom Bikes

    Woom bikes are meant to make riding a bicycle feel as natural and unforced as is humanly possible. These bikes are simple, user-friendly, and exceedingly lightweight.

    The Woom 2 (14 inches) and Woom 3 (16 inches) bikes are excellent choices for a child’s first pedal bike. They are the lightest kids’ bikes available on the market in the United States, which has a HUGE impact on how well a child is able to control a bicycle.

    The design of Woom’s larger bikes has progressed to the point where they retain riding easy and intuitive, but they also provide children the ability to become more daring and aggressive as their abilities improve.

    1. Guardian Bikes – Airos

    The revolutionary SureStop braking mechanism developed by Guardian Bikes has been a game-changer in the world of kids’ bicycles. SureStop has made the process of applying brakes on a bicycle easier, which has resulted in it being both more effective and safer. It has also made applying brakes more entertaining.

    How much is kid's bicycle in USA

    On the right-hand side of the handlebars of every Guardian bike is a single brake lever. However, pulling that one lever simultaneously engages both the front and rear brakes in a sequential fashion. 

    SureStop eliminates any confusion while providing the higher stopping strength of dual brakes, which is generally difficult for young children to master. However, young children typically have difficulties learning the difference between braking with their right and left hands.

    1. WudeBike

    Your greatest option for a Chinese OEM bike provider is found in Hebei Wude Kids Toy Co., Ltd.

    The only thing we do is OEM work. Prices are determined by the parameters that you select, but the quality will be optimized to work within your financial constraints.

    The bicycle manufacturing sector was first established in Taiwan Province and has since spread to Shenzhen, Xiaoshan and Kunshan, Tianjin, and finally, Hebei, which is the final station in China.

    Some factories producing parts remain there, but the vast majority of factories producing original equipment relocate along with the industry. In order to make my factory one of the top three in terms of bike quality in the Hebei area, I have recruited some of the greatest technical and management professionals.

    The region of Hebei is becoming increasingly important to the bicycle industry. Obtaining an experienced partner at this stage will position you in a more advantageous position for any future tournaments.

    The earlier, the better.

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