Kids 24-Inch Bikes: The 10 Best Bikes for 8 to 10-Year-Olds

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    Which brand makes the most reliable and fun 24-inch bike for kids? It is dependent upon the kind of riding that you intend to conduct… Simple outings in the neighborhood, jumping ramps in the front yard, going on extended rides with the family, or taking on the local dirt trails are all activities that can be accomplished on a 24-inch bike.

    We have put approximately forty 24-inch bikes through their paces over the course of the years with our own children as the test subjects. We’ll help you understand the features you need for the best riding experience possible, as well as the reasoning behind why investing in a nicer bike truly does make a major difference in the quality of your ride. We’ve put every major bike brand on the market to the test, from the least expensive models to the most expensive ones.

    If you are unclear about the ideal size bike for your child, be sure to check out our kid’s bike sizing guide. Bikes with a 24-inch wheel size are often the best fit for kids who are eight years old, nine years old, and ten years old.

    Kids’ bikes with a wheel diameter of 24 inches can take many different forms and serve many different purposes, much like adult bikes. In order to assist you in refining your search, we have divided our top recommendations into three distinct categories.

    Best 24-inch Bikes for Kids Ages 8 to 10

    BikeWhy We Love ItMSRP
    Budget-Friendly Bikes
    Decathlon Rockrider 24Great budget – Mountain bike styling$229
    Decathlon Riverside 100, 24″Great budget – Hybrid street bike$248
    Polygon Premier UrbanLightweight performance$319
    Neighborhood Bikes: Better for Mainly Paved Riding
    Guardian Ethos/AirosSureStop braking system$429
    woom 5Super lightweight$549
    Priority Start 24Grease-free belt drive, simple shifting$449
    Specialized Jett 24Growth Spurt Proof!$550
    Adventurous Riders: Better for Aggressive Riders Who Also Tackle Dirt Trails
    REI Co-op REVMid-fat tires kids love$439
    Prevelo Alpha FourLightweight, 9-speed triggers$549
    Polygon Premier MTBGreat value suspension fork$319
    Trek Precaliber 24Easy bike shop tune-ups$469
    Cleary MeerkatSuper durable build$630

    Boys vs. Girls 24-inch Bikes

    It is essential to understand that a bike with a wheel size of 24 inches can be used for either a boy or a girl. This list contains only bikes that are suitable for either males or females and that have identical frames and parts. They do provide a variety of color choices, which include both traditionally feminine hues and colors that are not associated with either gender.


    Kids 24-Inch Bikes

    There is a justification for the exclusion of Schwinn and Huffy from this list. The conventional children’s bicycles that can be found at retailers such as Walmart or Amazon are typically cumbersome, heavy, and offer a subpar riding experience.

    Over the course of the past few years, a select group of businesses that are accessible to shoppers on more limited budgets has caused a much-needed change in the market for kids’ bicycles. The bikes that you see here from Decathlon and Polygon are, by a large margin, superior to any bike that you could get at Walmart. They are meant to make riding simpler for children and are less in weight. Additionally, the components on them are of a higher grade.

    1. Decathlon Btwin Rockrider ST100

    In contrast to bikes with comparable prices that are sold in big box stores, the Rockrider features high-quality brakes that are ridiculously simple to operate, a grip shifter that is sensitive to the rider’s input, and a clean, traditional mountain bike design that is appealing to a diverse group of children. The assembly process was really simple, as it just required the installation of the pedals and the front wheel.

    1. Decathlon Riverside 100, 24″

    The Riverside 100 Hybrid cycle from Decathlon is the ideal city bike for young riders on a budget since it combines tires that run smoothly with a frame that is reminiscent of a mountain bike. The Riverside comes standard not only with a kickstand but also with six gears that are shifted using a grip shifter.

    At this time, Walmart is the only place where you can purchase the Riverside 100. In addition, the product description on Walmart mentions that the bicycle has battery-operated lights as well as a bell. We believe that this is a typo because the bike that we were sent did not have this feature.

    Decathlon also offers their “Original” model, which retails for $229 and can be purchased directly on their website. This model is perfect for city use. It is slightly more cumbersome than Riverside and has a framework that is more conventional. There is also a pink and blue variant that can be purchased for $249 and comes with fenders and a basket.

    1. Polygon Premier Ultralight Urban

    Polygon Bikes may be new to the United States market, but the company is not new to the world of cycling; they provide high-end bicycles with quality components at reasonable prices. Their new Premier Ultralight 24-inch bike is no exception, as it comes fully equipped with Shimano gear, Kenda tires, and Promax brake levers as standard equipment.

    The Premier is an excellent choice for young riders who are prepared to go on a variety of terrain, from short cruises around the neighborhood to longer rides on compact dirt trails, since it comes equipped with a lightweight aluminum frame that features confidence-building geometry.


     Neighborhood bikes are intended for children who will spend the majority of their time riding on paved surfaces, such as when they are going to a friend’s house or going on a lengthy ride with their family. These neighborhood bikes are exciting and easy to ride because they have tires that are either smoother or thinner, and their body placement is slightly more upright than that of multi-use cycles.

    These bikes have a wheel diameter of 24 inches and feature grip shifters that are simple to operate, fewer gearing options, and v-brakes in order to make them more user-friendly for the ordinary child rider. They also have an amazing quality that enables you to hand down these bicycles to multiple children or resell them for a respectable sum, depending on which option you choose.

    1. Guardian Ethos/Airos

    However, the existence of brakes on a bicycle designed for children demonstrates that this is not a non-issue at all, as demonstrated by Guardian Bikes. Whether they’re riding to a friend’s house or all the way across town, kids of all riding abilities can benefit from this company’s patented SureStop braking system, which helps them feel more confident and less worried about their rides.

    Kids who are more cautious can feel more secure thanks to the fact that there is only one brake lever to pull, which sequentially engages the rear brake, followed by the front brake. This gives kids who are more aggressive the additional stopping force they require.

    1. woom 5

    We’ve tested a variety of 24-inch bikes, and the Woom 5’s combination of an extremely lightweight frame, a more upright body position, and a wide gearing range makes it the easiest and most natural bike to ride of any we’ve tried. Because of the one-of-a-kind way in which its handlebar was constructed, the Woom 5 can have its height adjusted, making it a more comfortable fit for a greater length of time.

    The Woom is suitable for riding on a variety of terrains because of the slightly knobbier tires it comes equipped with. The fact that it can be used in such a wide variety of situations makes it an excellent choice for younger riders who enjoy riding bicycles but have not yet made a major commitment to a road or severe trail riding. For the young person who is just starting out in the world of cycling, the Woom 5 is an excellent choice.

    Kids 24-Inch Bikes
    1. Priority Start 24

    The Priority Start 24 is a children’s bicycle that has been thoughtfully designed with just three basic gears and a grease-free belt drive. As a result, the Priority Start 24 makes cycling excursions for children simpler and easier, as well as more convenient and less time-consuming for their parents to maintain.

    The Start has stunning lines and an excellent paint job, in addition to multi-terrain tires that are suitable for riders of all skill levels, from those who are shy to those who are aggressive. The Priority Start is actually an all-inclusive solution designed with your local rider in mind.

    1. Specialized Jett 24

    The Specialized Jett is a superb bike with top-notch components that are not only made to last but are also built to fit far longer than other 24″ bikes! It is an outstanding bike all-around, and it is an exceptional bike all-around!

    Jett features a one-of-a-kind design that allows for approximately 3 inches more room for growth than other bikes. After putting the 24″ Jett through its paces on eight different children of all ages and sizes, we discovered that it provided a comfortable ride for riders with heights ranging from 51″ to 62″ (whereas most 24″ bikes have a height limit of 59″).

    The Jett is a lot of fun to ride, in addition to being an excellent choice for your body type. Every one of our testers adored the Jett because of its enjoyable, smooth, and nimble ride, and they chose it over many of the other bikes that we had in our test fleet. The Jett’s 2.0-inch-wide tires, which assist in cushioning the ride, as well as the bike’s quick and responsive trigger shifters, were favorites among both our more hesitant and more aggressive riders.

    These multi-use bikes are an excellent option for kids who aren’t afraid of a little dirt and are looking for a bike that can handle the occasional (or regular!) trip down a dirt trail.

    Either broader and more knobby tires that offer improved traction on a variety of surfaces, or a more aggressive seating position, distinguish these bicycles designed for children. Because they are positioned in this manner on the bike, children are able to shift their weight more readily while speeding up a jump or going through a tight bend, regardless of whether they are riding on pavement or dirt.

    These bikes have a wheel size of 24 inches and have one or more of the following additional characteristics: basic coil suspension forks, rapid-fire trigger shifters, disc brakes, and top-notch stopping power. These qualities make it easier to perform neighborhood stunts such as bunny hops.

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