Snow tires girl bike with V-brake.


Model: GB43

Size: 16″

Frame: steel, 1.0T, TIG welding, painted;

Fork: steel, 800#, 1.0T, 3.0T fork tip;

Headsets: steel, standard, ED;

Handlebar: steel, U#, 1.0T*520L*90H, ED;

Stem: steel, Y#, 1.0T*150L;

Grip: tri-circle model, single open, black;

Brake Lever: MTB, 3 fingers, black;

Brake cable: 2P, black;

Brake: steel V-brake, 110mm arm with 50 shoes, ED;

Tyre:  rubber, 16″*3.0″, black;

Tube: natural rubber, 16″*3.0″, AV, black;

Rim Tape: rubber, 16″*30W, gray;

Rim: steel, 16″ * 28H * 1.0T;

Hub: steel, thick tubes, 28H, with safety hook;

Saddle: high elastic leather, thick soft foam, ED;

Seat Post: steel, 1.0T*200L, w/insert mark;

Chain Cover: steel, full cover, two parts model with hole;

Crank Sets: steel, OPC, 32T*114L, full chainwheel, ED;

BB Sets: steel, middle B.B, ED;

Pedal: PP, no balls, common reflectors;

Chain : steel, 1/2″*1/8″, brown;

Freewheel: steel, 16T, full balls, brown;

Training Wheel: common style, black;

T.W.Bracket: steel, triangle model, 3.0T;

Sticker: out sticker;

Packing: 85% SKD, 1 PC/CTN.


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